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Types of Articles

Research Focus publishes several types of articles:

Literature Review Article (Open submissions; Indexed)

​Literature Review Articles should present an emerging research focus based on the analysis of existing data and information, or report on the application of existing knowledge to a new domain. They are an opportunity to focus on new initiatives, themes and topics. The Literature Review Article should review 10-20 sources. Literature Review Article undergoes a review from the Editorial team regarding suitability and should not exceed six (6) pages including title, author details, abstract, body and references.

Template - Literature Review Article

Research Article (Open submissions; Indexed; Peer-reviewed)

Research Articles should have a strong empirical or theoretical foundation and present new knowledge or findings. Full papers are required at the time of submission and if accepted by the editorial team will undergo a double-blind peer review. Refereed papers should not exceed ten (10) pages including title, abstract, body and references.

Template - Research Article


Opinions (Open submissions; Indexed; Peer-reviewed)

Opinion articles are determined by the Editorial team. Opinions may include, for example, invited papers of a topical nature, interviews, viewpoints.

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Publishing Agreement

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