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Artificial Intelligence in the Aviation Sector

Mahmoud El Masri


Business Management in Travel, Tourism and Aviation, Romanian-American University, Romania





Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and expand; companies are seeing big changes in their field. The travel industry as a whole is disrupted by AI. From automobiles to railways, the way we get around is changing for the better. While the race for an autonomous car and improvements to our driving experience remains in the headlines, the airline industry is making strides as well. The major sectors that the AI is helping this industry to grow are Crew Management and Flight Operation. The paper introduces several main concepts regarding the adoption of artificial intelligence in the aviation sector.


​- artificial intelligence

- aviation

- airline

- virtual assistant

Published: July 2019

Issue: Vol. 1, No. 1 (2019)    Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019

Pages: 40 - 44

Section: Articles

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El Masri, M. (2019). Artificial Intelligence in the Aviation Sector. Research Focus, 1(1), 40-44. doi:






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